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One of the sweetest young ladies we have ever known, Hope Fuller, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor – Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) – in July 2009. She and her family fought very hard but in March 2010 her battle ended. She leaves behind many wonderful memories but there were also enormous expenses associated with fighting this rare cancer. Please click here to learn more about Hope, her family and how you might help. Barb and I loved this little girl, who only was able to share her love and talent with this world for 12 short years, and hope that you can find it in your heart to help. 

The Ladner Theatre

The Ladner Theatre has opened its doors!

If you would like to see a film on a magnificent 61" plasma screen with killer
7.1-surround audio, our home theatre is the place to be! Come on over, but first pick a movie and then send us an email telling us what you have chosen.

We thought you might want to enjoy watching the process of the theatre being built, so we blogged the entire construction process - from the empty basement to the arrival of the custom seating two months later. Click on any red date below and that day's blog entry will open in a new window or tab.

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Andrew Collins Music
Full service Chicago area musician... Use him! He likes it! You can have dinner music on a single piano, with or without vocals. Or, Andrew will happily put together a band of almost any size to meet your needs. Really, any size...

Andrew Collins Band 1981-1988
Them was the days. Andrew's songwriting is refreshing and oh, so tasty. A coterie of talented musicians were able to bring the songs to much larger than life. And, we got to see Andrew hit with a pie, which was absolutely worth all the rehearsals and stuff...

Dave played bass, guitar and keyboards over the life of the band. We had a great run between 1981 and 1988. I miss it terribly.

Daddy'O Deluxe 2002-2006
This was a band in which Dave played bass guitar. Personnel included guitar pal Steve Torres from the old Andrew Collins Band and added Brian Voss on drums. You can find their old website here.

As often happens, we parted ways musically, but the friendships live on...

Danbury Mint Gold Ornaments
In 1976, Danbury Mint began creating this most exquisite collection of gold Christmas ornaments. According to Danbury Mint, we may own the only complete set of these beautiful ornaments in existence. This is Barb's hobby...

House of David Baseball
Joel Hawkins has an unrivaled passion for baseball. You can feel it every time you reach to turn the page. He lives for the three-ball, two-strike, two-out, one-run-down, runner-on-second, bottom-of-the-ninth kind of stuff.

Joel has written a great history about this fascinating, all-but-unknown baseball team. You should buy this book and read it! Or, just buy it! He's got college to pay for...

Rick Crom
Years ago, Rick and I produced and performed in many shows at Lane Technical High School in Chicago. But, only Rick had the cujones (and, well, the actual TALENT!) to go to New York almost fresh out of high school. In the face of overwhelming odds, Rick has become quite successful, which is no surprise to us. He is currently writing a musical comedy version of Bonnie and Clyde with his Urinetown co-star, Hunter Foster. Click here for his entry in Wikipedia!

Here are a couple of reviews from an earlier project, NEWSical : :: NY Times  :: TheaterMania ::

Sheryl Chapman Photography


I've never known a photographer with such a natural eye.
I couldn't be prouder to be Sheryl's webmaster.

Six of One
This is one of Chicago's premiere occasion bands. Great keyboards, wonderful horns, excellent guitar, drums and vocals to die for, or, at least, to lie down for, for a while.

I've known most of this band for over 30 years. They're worth every penny and then some. When you need dance or dinner music, this is the band to hire!

Ten Tons of S#!t (I'm sussing out the dates...)
Sure, Ten Tons was just a pickup cover band. But it burned hot and fast. Well, not that hot and fast... It was a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday night. Good friends, good music.

And, it was named before I joined.

This is This
This is This are a local Chicago band, and they are great!
Don and John are two of the best songwriters you will ever hear. They have now released their second CD.

This is This are our friends, and Dave does appear on two of their CDs, but we are being objective... You'll like them... BUY their CDs!!!

Travel Bookmarks
If you need 'em, use 'em... The heaviest concentration of bookmarks involve the U.K. I love going to the U.K. It's foreign travel with very little language problem... But, there are other destinations in the list, too.

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