Dave & Barb

We’re retired!
Doesn’t mean we’re not busy!
Working hard at enjoying life!


Barb Ladner

Image Consultant

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Dave Ladner

Head Digital Technician

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It’s a Wonderful Life

It seems appropriate that the title to our ‘About Us’ section is the title of our most beloved Christmas classic!

We both grew up in Chicago; Barb on the far-far southeast side (where they ran out of street names so they just used letters!) and Dave on the far-far northwest side. Our paths might have crossed in the early 1970s when Barb attended college near where Dave lived but, although they often frequented the same places, they didn’t meet… until 1984 when they met at work.

On May 15, 1988 in Lake Geneva, WI, we got married and started our forever life adventure.

We both love music and traveling.

Dave got Barb interested in technology and computers.

Barb introduced Dave to culinary variety and opened up his world to trying new things.

Barb thought it would be tough to drag Dave into her ‘Wonderful World of Christmas’, but he jumped in willingly and wholeheartedly!

After each being very loyal, long-term employees in our respective careers, we retired in 2013 and began planning our new journey.

That journey took us to Mount Juliet, TN, a suburb of Nashville.

We miss our family and friends in the Chicago area, but we LOVE our new home! We have met so many wonderful people and found out how easy it is to make new “rest-of-our-life-long” friends. Not to replace our Chicago friends, but to add to them!

We remain active in our community and pursue our love of Christmas, technology, music, and the arts. Also, we hope to start doing more traveling in the not-too-distant future.

Barb has become passionate about our local natural areas and loves visiting state parks, waterfalls, and the generally gorgeous scenery of Tennessee. This is not Dave’s normal cup of tea; but he loves Barb (and can use the exercise!), so he goes along with her!

Oddly enough, Dave even finds himself interested in the history found in Tennessee.

This story tells you who we are, where we are and why we are!

The Andrew Collins Band

Tasty original pop/rock!
Dave was a member from 1983-1988.

Street Corner Blue

Smokin' hot R&B & Soul!
Dave was a member from 2006-2013.

Rick Crom

Singer - Songwriter

John Herrera


Philip Earl Johnson

MooNiE the