In year nineteen, the first (and, to my recollection, only) problem with a Danbury Mint ornament occurred with the incredibly delicate annual issue of the Clipper Ship.

Shortly after the holidays, Danbury Mint notified its collectors that a problem with the base metal used to make the annual ornament would cause it to tarnish. Beginning with the original Angel issued in 1976, no ornament had ever experienced any discoloration. But, true to Danbury Mint’s desire for perfection, each Clipper ship was replaced and the defective ships returned to Danbury Mint.

I had an unusual situation. I had just finished packing my ornaments in preparation for a house move. Danbury Mint’s request for the ornament to be returned would cause me to go through my 90+ moving boxes to locate the ship. Danbury Mint told me to wait and return the ship when I decorated our new house for that upcoming holiday season.

When I opened the moving boxes, there was the Clipper Ship, safe but terribly tarnished. It was nearly black. The replacement was shining as beautifully as you would expect, and continues to do so.

Thank you, Danbury Mint, for being so conscientious in design and production.


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