I am sorry to have to include the news on this site that my beloved Barbara, who was always the driving force behind this collection, passed away in April of 2021.

I felt that I could no longer collect these beautiful ornaments, and so I passed our collection on to the person to whom Barbara wanted to leave it. I will maintain this site, which includes ornaments through 2020, for as long as I can. I appreciate your interest, but I cannot answer your questions. Barbara was the only one who could have done that. Therefore, I can only direct you to either Danbury Mint, or the secondary market, to get answers to your questions.


Danbury Mint provides these instructions for cleaning
their gold ornaments.

Danbury Mint
47 Richards Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06857


Customer Service Phone:
(800) 243-4664

Barb used eBay mostly to fill in the missing pieces of this
collection. That was much easier then because eBay was
new and prices were far more reasonable. That said, eBay
is probably the best source for back issues.

For current and future years, contact Danbury Mint.

There are other after-market sites but Barb had little-to-no
luck using them. Sometimes you can also find these
ornaments at estate sales and yard/garage sales but often
condition is compromised.

We do not provide a valuation service. The 23 karat electroplate
is not enough gold over high-quality brass to result in substantive
value. As to projecting value, it is “what the market will bear.”

Some ornaments (e.g. Cinderella’s Coach or Clipper Ship) bring higher
prices on eBay. Oddly the more recent years bring higher resale prices
than the rarer earlier years due to the more intricate design and laser
detail that started being used in the minting process in the early 1980s
and has become more intricate and precise throughout the years.

The real value of these ornaments is in their beauty and the memories
that they bring to owners and their families.

No, this site is not associated with the Danbury Mint.

The Danbury Mint is aware of the site and has reviewed the
site for verification of information and for approval prior to launch.

Photos used on this site are the sole property of LadnerGoldDanbury.

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