Our Tree

I am sorry to have to include the news on this site that my beloved Barbara, who was always the driving force behind this collection, passed away in April of 2021.

I felt that I could no longer collect these beautiful ornaments, and so I passed our collection on to the person to whom Barbara wanted to leave it. I will maintain this site, which includes ornaments through 2020, for as long as I can. I appreciate your interest, but I cannot answer your questions. Barbara was the only one who could have done that. Therefore, I can only direct you to either Danbury Mint, or the secondary market, to get answers to your questions.


Along with our 2015 relocation from NE Illinois to Middle Tennessee came a home with 9-foot ceilings. That meant we could get a BIGGER TREE! We got a gorgeous Balsam Hill 9-foot tree that now holds our entire CURRENT collection of 560 Danbury Mint Gold Christmas Ornaments and has plenty of room for the collection to grow!